Thursday, June 16, 2011






For my final project I decided to go with my ideas on my first project. I used Photoshop and used a lot of layers and blending modes.

I started off by finding good quality photos. I brought them into Photoshop and used the lasso and magic wand tool to cut out my images from their background. Those tools give you the opportunity to cut images apart so you are left with the pieces that you want to use.  Then I found a texture that worked well with my concept. I started with a red and black texture and a wood floor background. In the layers panel I put the red pattern above the wood pattern and highlighted the red pattern then in the layers panel I clicked the scroll box that says normal and changed that to multiply, which made the two layer textures interact with each other and the wood started to show through in certain parts. It is kind of hard to see my wood pattern in my piece on here but the original piece you get hints of wood around the piece.

I used this same technique with the different layers of my images. Not as much with the very front image of MJ but more with the other images.

I also used the burn tool which is in your tools panel and the icon is a hand that is making a circle shape as if it were holding a can. I used that tool around the edged to make certain areas darker.


For the number 23 I started out by choosing a distressed number to fit with the background effects. To make them have the 3D effect I right clicked on the layer in my layers panel that contained the 23. When the scroll box popped up I clicked on blending options. The Blending options pop up and I made the 23 have a beveled edge by clicking on bevel and emboss. I gave it a small size and depth. You can use this panel to edit and give some slight effects to text and images.

For the words, Legend and Michael Jordan I chose a script font that resembled an autograph. I gave them a color overlay by going into the blending options in the layers panel, when you right click the layer. I chose color overlay and made them a medium gray then turned their opacity down, which is also in the layers panel in the top right hand corner. For the final touches I added some of the burn tool effect to the words so they fit better with the overall piece.

I really liked this project and had a lot of fun with it! I hope everyone likes my final piece! :)


  1. Not going to lie, it looks like he got decked in the face 3 times lol.

  2. lol That's his arm.. He's celebrating!

  3. I think the b&w version reads better. "Legend" needs more contrast and "23" was pretty hard to pick out without knowing to look for it. Makes a great dramatic piece. Good job.

  4. Yeah I really liked the b&w version, Thanks!